Spamhaus has observed a 12% decrease in global Botnet traffic, hoping this trend continues! Spamhaus researchers, are at the forefront at tracking Botnet activity and malware. While bot traffic is down, the observed malware (Oski, Tofsee, CobaltStrike

One of the most dangerous online threats, Emotet is down and experts believe it will stay down! In similar style, one bot is taken offline, two new ones appear.  Please meet Raccoon and FickerStealer which specialize in

The Spamhaus Blocklist Removal center provides users the ability to check if an IP address or domain is currently blocked.  Spamhaus recently released a modified version of the tool – to enhance the user experience. A

UOL is one of the largest email providers in Latin America, currently servicing over 5 million mailboxes.   See how they are  leveraging the Spamhaus IP and domain reputation data-sets to increase spam detection.   Spamhaus is a 22

With over two decades experience, Spamhaus provides best in class threat intelligence datasets. These datasets protect email systems and networks, as well as enabling users to investigate incidents more quickly.German email provider, freenet, bring spam management in-house

Global URI & domain registration data allows OpSec to better protect customers from online threats LONDON and PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OpSec Security, the only provider of a complete solution to combat online abuse,

Spamhaus Q2 Botnet Threat Report – Update ! The Spamhaus research team tracked and listed a 29%* increase in the number of botnet Command & Controllers (C&Cs) this quarter.  This increased activity is highlighted across most of

Criminals are heartlessly exploiting the coronavirus outbreak to commit fraud, often using scam text messages imitating government departments, banks and other trusted organizations. To provide an insight into the scale and sophistication of some of the hacker’s

Domain hijacking is not a new problem, but it is one that gains strength if it is not countered effectively, and we have seen some disturbing trends in the last 6 months.Cyber criminals are increasingly relying on

The 2019 Spamhaus Botnet Threat Report is out! If you’re not a report person, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the report, how botnet threats changed