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Spamhaus Reputation Portal

Assess. Manage. Resolve.

Proactively manage your IPs’ reputation

Gain visibility and control of your IPs’ reputation. This portal will provide free access to reputation data relating to your network, allow you to get regular updates via email or API, and offer a quick removal process with the ability to track submissions via a Ticket Center.

  • For your owned ASN
  • Full visibility to all listings / global view of your IP Reputation
  • De-listings / bulk delisting
  • Abuse desk – easier to manage / visibility / de-listings

Proactively manage your IPs’ reputation

Assess your network

The dashboard provides you with an overview of your network ranges along with the associated number of listings per Spamhaus blocklist.

Manage your reputation

Using the quick reference tables and heatmaps, you can quickly navigate to abused ranges to assess areas of poor reputation.

Resolve your issues

Quickly request removal from blocklists (once the recommended remediation is completed) and easily track your submissions in the Ticket Center.

Key features of the Reputation Portal

Automatically receive reputation updates via email or API. Quickly navigate to listings and request removal. Get an overview of your network and listings via the dashboard. Easily assess your most abused /24s. Track removal requests via the Ticket Center.

Open to trusted network owners who own their IP space.

Get the chance to proactively manage your IPs’ reputation, and simplify the process of removals.

For more info on the purpose of the portal, the functionality, and how to get signed up, read this blog or watch this video.

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