About Us

Real-Time Threat Data for Network and Email Security 

SecurityZONES, an authorized platinum distributor of Spamhaus and SURBL, provides datafeeds and solutions to improve your security defenses and prevent cyberattacks.
We offer
improved email security with advanced spam filtering and blocking against phishing, ransomware, malware, and other cyber threats. 
advanced cyber threat intelligence with IP and Domain blocklists, plus advanced meta data, with reputation based scoring
datafeeds which power dns firewall (dns rpz), bgp firewall, and awide array of security platforms

SecurityZONES, which was founded in 2010, provides access to real-time threat intel data from the leading global security research organizations via anti-spam blocklists and IP blocklists to improve defenses for both your business and your customers.

As a trusted member of the internet eco-system for more than a decade, SecurityZONES works with customers around the globe to deliver the right data sets to best meet your cybersecurity needs:

  • IP data: Botnets, infected hosts, IOT, bad network neighborhoods  infected, criminally operated, compromised users)… with meta data
  • Domain data: Malware, phishing, botcc, brand new domains… fast- cutting edge intelligence.
  • Passive DNS: insight on historical dns activity, view network footprint, track and link IP’s – domains, track use of brands/keywords in cyberspace.
  • Technical Consultation to design the best set of datafeeds to meet your needs.