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Global URI & domain registration data allows OpSec to better protect customers from online threats

LONDON and PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OpSec Security, the only provider of a complete solution to combat online abuse, is announcing its partnership with non-profit organisation SURBL, a trusted broker of domain intelligence, to strengthen its AntiFraud and AntiPhishing Solution and help customers fight back against online bad actors. SURBL’s intelligence includes Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) reputation data as well as real-time domain registration data.

With more than 15 years of data and insights of its own, the data OpSec receives from SURBL’s exhaustive data sets allows OpSec to enrich its dataset. Receiving real-time updates from domain registries as well as an aggregated URI feed provides OpSec with greater visibility and better coverage to accelerate the take down of malicious domains and safeguard customers against phishing.

Protecting billions of mailboxes every day, SURBL has an in-depth knowledge of the online landscape, with its data now offering OpSec further intelligence on domain names, URI data, RPC feeds and IP information. The level of detail provided by SURBL makes it easier for OpSec to track where bad actors are setting up phish, where their servers are located, and find associated domain names linked to these cybercriminals.

Conducting exhaustive internal research and receiving additional inputs from third parties, SURBL currently has over 60,000 active phishing and malware listings.

As part of this agile partnership, OpSec also shares its high-quality intelligence with SURBL to help it improve its data and coverage for the benefit of the greater internet community. Knowledge sharing between the two parties also ensures faster mitigation should OpSec customers discover their brand being targeted online.

Raymond Dijkxhoorn, Co-founder and CEO, SURBL, commented, “At SURBL, we always want to be ahead of the game and by combining our data sets with OpSec Security we’re better able to do this and accelerate the takedown of malicious domains. Our data has indicated a new trend of older domains being used for phishing scams as they have become more trusted over time and therefore less likely to be caught by email filters. Having this knowledge helps us to improve the protection of millions of mailboxes that use our data for filtering applications and sharing this information with OpSec Online ensures it can better protect its customers against phishing attacks.”

Stefanie Wood Ellis, AntiFraud Product & Marketing Manager, OpSec Online, added, “SURBL is a trusted member of the internet ecosystem, having built up significant relationships with registries over the last 16 years and demonstrated time and again the value of its data. Working with SURBL the past several years has allowed us to access comprehensive global data sets, to analyse this data and then take steps to mitigate risks. SURBL feeds are a lot faster than others we have encountered in the past and this makes a massive difference, allowing us to quickly take action to better protect our customers. This partnership helps us to provide a greater level of security to all our customers and stay at the forefront of online brand protection.”

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