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Rspamd Premium: Introducing New Commercial Data and Support for Rspamd

SecurityZones, in partnership with the author of Rspamd, is now offering new premium data and support for the open-source platform.

About Rspamd 

Rspamd is an advanced spam filtering system and email processing framework. Rspamd is the fast, free open-source system that allows messages to be evaluated through regular expressions, statistical analysis, and custom services including URL and other blocklists. Rspamd offers advanced features, high performance, scalable, robust business grade email filtering and analytics platform.

  • The Rspamd system features include: (will split into two columns)
  • User-friendly interfaces & integrations
  • Content scanning features
  • Advanced policy checking
  • Statistical tools
  • Integrations with external tools
  • Variety of customizations via configuration, dynamic lists / maps, and LUA API
  • High performance


New Commercial Support & Data Available

The new offering is designed for current and new users of Rspamd to enhance the existing capabilities of the spam filtering platform.

Commercial Support

Commercial support is offered for large or custom Rspamd set up that require additional guidance and troubleshooting. The commercial offering provides project-based support and priority support for critical issues to best leverage Rspamd.

Project-based support includes guiding design and set up of custom Rspamd email filtering system.  Have your performance analytics reviewed to maximize efficiency and best use of the system features. Support includes assistance with debugging and general problem solving. Project-based support is focused on consultation and optimizing the Rspamd configuration for your organization.

The support package includes priority support for critical issues and emergencies.  Commercial support customers can schedule sessions with the Rspamd technical team and troubleshoot issues directly with the developers of the platform.

Commercial support users will also have the ability to request custom feature requests. (Additional costs may apply, please inquire for more details).

Premium Data Feeds

Threat intelligence to maximize Rspamd effectiveness. Commercial users will have direct and unlimited access to Rspamd Intelligence: Premium Fuzzy Hash Data, URL Blocklist, and Email Blocklist

  • Fuzzy Hash Data: “Fuzzy Plus” data is now available for commercial users, featuring low false positives with increased coverage. For some customers, it shows an additional 2-5x hits.
  • URL Blocklist: Commercial use of Rspamd’s URL blocklist. Use to check DKIM signature domains, HTML image URLs, and email addresses (domain part) in the mail’s body part for URL
  • Email Blocklist: Blocklist of known malicious email addresses. Email addresses included in the list are hashes to eliminate risk of Personally Identifiable Information.