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Industry leading IP / Domain Reputation

#1 Anti-Spam Blocklist. Global authority on Botnets. Network defense against malicious IP's and domains.

Spamhaus is the industry’s leading independent security research organization.  

  • IP and Domain Reputation Provider
  • 23+ years experience producing cyber threat intelligence
  • 7 Billion End Points continuously analyzed
  • Protecting 3 Billion+ users globally
  • Provides the World’s #1 Rated Anti-Spam Blocklist

With Spamhaus, you get access to the most widely used and highly regarded reputation data worldwide, which provides the highest block rates and lowest, near-zero false positives.

Spamhaus’s dependable, real-time threat intelligence data is used by the majority of the internet networks around the globe, including email providers, security vendors, corporations, and universities.’

Spamhaus IP and Content-Based Block Lists provide a vital layer of defense from cyber threats. Commonly used for Email and Network Security protection, but real-time threat intelligence applications are endless. 

What is Spamhaus

Spamhaus is the leading independent, cyber threat research organization. Spamhaus was established in 1998 with goal of better understanding the cyber threat landscape and helping defend the internet from phishing, botnets, malware and spam.  In the past 20+ years, Spamhaus has become the trusted authority on IP and domain reputation.  We provide real-time intelligence on IP and domain reputation to help organizations, such as internet and email service providers, Security vendors, and companies of all sizes, universities, and government agencies. 

Today, Spamhaus data feeds are considered the #1 real-time IP blocklist.  Spamhaus data is used by major organizations around the globe and protect over 3 Billion* email inboxes.  Spamhaus data feeds are revered for their highly comprehensive listings with near-zero false positives.  

As an independent organization, Spamhaus is able to achieve their goal of protecting the internet without bias. Our customers trust Spamhaus data as their first line of defense, advising the reputation of IP addresses and domains entering their network.


What We Do:

” Shining some light on the darker side of the Internet “

Spamhaus Technology delivers continuously updated real-time data feeds worldwide; for individuals, businesses of all sizes, government departments and civic organizations.

Spamhaus’ research team works endlessly to gather information, assess threats, and share their world-class threat intelligence feeds with their users.  Spamhaus data is collected through cutting-edge cyber research techniques, as well as trusted partnerships with government and internet agencies.  The data is then analyzed by specialized researchers to identify malicious IPs and domains and added to relevant data feeds.  

These #1-rated data feeds provide network administrators and security teams with threat intelligence to effortlessly block suspicious IPs or domains, providing a robust first line of defense.

Spamhaus Data Feeds

Spamhaus provides the following reputation-based datasets of known malicious domains and IP addresses.

IP-based Data:

  • Spamhaus Block List (SBL) contains IP addresses that have been involved in spam or controlled by known spammers / cyber criminals. 
  • Exploits Block List (XBL) contains IP addresses of virus-compromised computers.
  • Policy Block List (PBL) contains IP addresses that should not be delivering unauthenticated SMTP email.

Content-based Data

  • Domain Block List (DBL) contains a list of malicious domains that link to fraud, phishing, malware, and spam sites.
  • Zero Reputation Domains (ZRD) contains list of ‘brand -new’ domains less than 24 hours old.
  • *New* Hash Blocklist contains a list of hashes observed in malicious activity, including compromised free-mail accounts, crypto-wallets, and malware attachments

Subscriptions / delivery Options :

  • Spamhaus Data Query Service provides access to real-time data which contains updates from ALL Spamhaus lists.
  • Spamhaus Intelligence API (SIA) easy-to-consume access via API interface 

Email Filtering

Improve the accuracy and effectiveness of their anti-spam email security

Eliminate false positives

Improve spam and phishing email block rates

Improve customer protection against spam, phishing, and malware

Simply add the Spamhaus anti-spam blocklist to your current mail filtering for immediate results !

Greatly enhanced protection against phishing, malware, spam

Network Security Protection

Spamhaus’s accurate and actionable threat intelligence data is useful in a wide array of use cases.

IP Reputation:

  • Massive collection of infected hosts, infected users
  • Global authority on Bot-nets
  • meta data 

Domain Reputation

  • Global insight on ‘current, active’ bad domains
  • phishing, ransomware, malware, botnets, cracked, spam domains
  • reputation score

Identify and take action on known, or suspicious domains. Improve protection for your users.

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