Spamhaus Botnet Threat Report for Q-2 2021

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Spamhaus has observed a 12% decrease in global Botnet traffic, hoping this trend continues! Spamhaus researchers, are at the forefront at tracking Botnet activity and malware. While bot traffic is down, the observed malware (Oski, Tofsee, CobaltStrike to name a few) are very relevant and detrimental to home users and networks. Seems like a to a weekly occurrence to hear of another ransomeware type of attack to critical infrastructures…i.e. the Colonial Pipeline, or Swedish Coop supermarkets. Informed users, patches are key, but so is realtime actionable threat data to prevent communications. Spamhaus deploys a team of 25 full time global threat researchers that are at the cutting edge of cyber security. Its not uncommon for advanced threat security organizations, or certain 3 letter government agency to tap their resources and expertise

The above graph reflects global Network Botnet traffic observed by Spamhaus for the second quarter of 2021

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Users can subscribe to our BCL (Botnet Controller List) data-set of C&C node, with is designed to easily integrate into your firewall, routers, DNS RPZ (AKA as DNS Firewall) ,and other network devises (Example: Sonicwall). The Spamhaus BCL is designed to prevent harmful communications by leveraging the Spamhaus research expertise on the most-updated Botnet traffic.

Please connect with us so we can provide a complete overview of all of our threat feeds, and security services.

  • Authorized Platinum Level Partner for Spamhaus, SecurityZONES utilizes an IP Blocklist and provides real time datafeeds, enabling a strong expedited defense against cyber threats.
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