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SURBL has recently added new return codes to SURBL MULTI to identify click-tracking domains and disposable domains.


SURBL MULTI is a comprehensive feed of current, bad domains. This data feed provides users with a real-time, actionable list of domains associated with malware, phishing, botnets, and spam.  SURBL MULTI protects legitimate traffic from connecting with hard-to-detect, active domains that are known to be malicious. 

Return Codes

New return codes are already available to current SURBL MULTI Subscribers. Below is the full list of SURBL MULTI Return Codes and their corresponding listings:


4 = listed on DM – Disposable Email Domains  *New*

8 = listed on PH – Phishing Sites

16 = listed on MW – Malware Sites

32 = listed on CT – Click Tracker Domains *New*

64 = listed on ABUSE – Spam and Abuse Sites

128 = listed on CR – Cracked Sites

Disposable Domains | Return Code:

The Disposable Domains sublist identifies domains used for disposable emails (used only during signup).

Why identify Disposable Domains?

If someone uses this kind of domain to sign up for a service, they are most likely trying to hide their true identity. It is recommended to identify disposable domains being used to vet new sign ups and ensure their validity.


Click Tracking Domains | Return Code:

New MULTI sublist identifies domains used for tracking clicks in emails.

Why identify / block Click Tracking Domains?

Click tracking domains are being used by cybercriminals to improve the effectiveness of their attacks.  Click tracking domains allow cybercriminals / spammers to monitor who is interacting with their emails. The spammers can then use this information to target victims most likely to fall prey to their schemes.

Please note: SURBL only lists domains that have been observed sending email to spamtraps / mailboxes without confirmed opt-in.

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