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IP & Domain Reputation Data Botnets, Malware, Phishing Passive DNS and more

Email Filtering

Email is a vector for cybercrime. Improve your coverage against phishing, ransomware, malware, and spam.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Deliver the cybersecurity intelligence to take control and block cyberattacks at the scale and speed you need.

Passive DNS

Massive, historical database of DNS activity. Passive DNS helps you improve your visibility and investigation of cyberthreats.


SecurityZones is an authority reseller of Spamhaus, the industry’s leading independent Security Research Organization. Spamhaus data has been protecting email and networks across the globe, for more than 20 years.

New API for easy consumption and delivery of Spamhaus Threat Intelligence. Data for integration, incident response, online real time risk assessment, monitoring trends and more.

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IP reputation and intelligence to combat abuse and spam.  It is the single mostly widely used anti-spam blocklist in the world.

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Domain Block List (DBL) contains a list of malicious domains that have been associated with malware, ransomware, phishing and other malicious activities.  

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Spamhaus Technology has introduced a new Zero Reputation Domain (ZRD) service based on Spamhaus’ temporal data. Most newly registered domains engage in malicious activity. ZRD automatically adds newly-registered domains to a blocklist to protect your users’ from these new domains until they can establish their domain reputation.

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Hash Blocklists (HBL) are lists of cryptographic hashes associated with malicious content, as opposed to IP addresses or domains. They are extremely useful for filtering fraudulent emails coming from ISP, domains, or IP addresses that Spamhaus is unable to list e.g. Gmail. 

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Passive DNS is a technique in which sensors capture inter-server DNS messages and forward them to a collection point for analysis. After being analyzed, individual DNS records are stored in a database where they can be indexed and queried.

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Spamhaus’s Advanced Threat Datafeeds — Botcc, eXBL, and Passive DNS — provide the most current, detailed, and actionable intelligence on botnets, infected hosts, and related metadata. This highly valuable and actionable threat intelligence data improves your defenses and helps address malicious activity.

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Spamhaus’s RPZ feeds contain hundreds of thousands of suspect domains, and the data is updated automatically by broadcasting only changes to the list rather than the full list. Updated in near real time to effectively block cyber threats.

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SURBL provides a highly accurate and highly dynamic list of active, bad domains. Keep your systems protected from malicious websites with this real-time threat data.


Prevent Cyberattacks
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Premium Data & Support

Commercial data and support offer designed for current and new users of Rspamd to enhance the existing capabilities of the spam filtering platform. .


'ZEN' IP-based Blocklists

The World’s #1 anti-spam blocklist. Highly accurate, highly effective IP based block lists. ZEN secures your organization with the leading IP Reputation Data.


MULTI / FRESH Domain Datafeeds

SURBL is a highly accurate list of active malicious domains. Provides your business with the most up-to-date data on online threats.


Content Blocklists - Domain Blocklist (DBL)

Comprehensive list of current, active bad domains. Improve your coverage against phishing, malware, and botnets with Domain Reputation Data.

Raw Spam Feeds

High Volume, Full Messages

High Volume, Full Messages Improve your visibility to current spam campaigns
Turn and improve your coverage full messages with attachments.


HASH BL - Shortener URL Data Feed

Enhanced protection from malicious domains hidden behind layers of URL shortener redirectors.

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Our Approach To Security

Protect your systems from phishing email scams, bot-net IP’s, ransomware, malware domains, and other advanced cyber threats. 

Real-time threat intelligence from the leading independent security research organizations provides advanced and unparalleled protection against internet threats.  Whether you need threat data for email security, DNS Firewall, or for your security research teams, we deliver the best source of IP and Domain data to meet your specific business requirements. SecurityZones provides data and technical expertise to leading ISP’s, security vendors, enterprises, and governments worldwide.

Enhanced cybersecurity protection with highly accurate and actionable data-feeds, and threat intelligence from Spamhaus, the #1-rated anti-spam blocklist/IP Reputation, and SURBL, which provides real-time threat data on ‘current active’ bad domains. Enhanced network and email security with IP blocklists and real-time threat intelligence data feeds to:

  • Immediately improve detection and prevention of cyberthreats
  • Enhanced anti-spam filtering
  • Improved protection from malicious domains
  • Accurate, Actionable Threat Intelligence
  • Global coverage, updated every 1-2 minutes!

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