Real-Time Threat Data

Advanced threat intelligence, improved anti-spam filtering, global coverage
Get some of the world’s best researchers to work for you!

SecurityZONES provides real-time threat intelligence data via anti-spam blocklists and IP/Domain Reputation Datafeeds that protect 3 billion email users from malware, phishing, and botnet threats every day.

Real-Time Cyber Threat Intelligence You Can Rely On

Threats are evolving in real time. So are we. SecurityZONES data identifies cyber threats and delivers in real time.With the world’s best IP and Domain Reputation Data, you can improve your coverage and close threat gaps from cybercriminals.

  Email Filtering

Email is a vector for cybercrime.Improve your coverage against phishing, ransomware, malware, and spam.- Spamhaus, the #1 anti-spam blocklist- SURBL, comprehensive coverage of ‘current, active’ bad domainsCurrently protecting over 3 billion users worldwide with multi-layered email and IP blocklist feeds.

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  Cyber Threat Intelligence

Deliver the cybersecurity intelligence to take control and block cyberattacks at the scale and speed you need.- IP Blocklists- Domain Blocklists- Comprehensive, Global Coverage- Global Authority on Bot-Nets

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  Passive DNS

Massive, historical database of dns activityGive Security Analysts a Tool to Connect the Dots- Brand Monitoring- SOC / Incident Response- Penetration Testers- Malware Researchers

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Protection from:

– phishing email scams, bot-net IP’s, ransomware, malware domains, and other advanced cyber threats – with data from the leading independent security research organizations. This real-time threat intelligence provides advanced and unparalleled protection against internet threats.Whether you need threat data for :– email security, DNS Firewall, or for your security research teams,we deliver the best source of IP and Domain data to meet your specific business requirements. We provide data and technical expertise to leading ISP’s, Security Vendors, enterprises and governments worldwide.

Enhanced cybersecurity protection with highly accurate and actionable datafeeds, and threat intelligence from Spamhaus, the #1-rated anti-spam blocklist/IP Reputation, and SURBL, which provides real-time threat data on ‘current active’ bad domains.Enhanced network and email security with IP blocklists and real-time threat intelligence data feeds

  • Immediately Improve your detection and prevention of cyberthreats
  • Enhanced anti-spam filtering
  • Improved protection from malicious domains
  • Accurate, Actionable Threat Intelligence
  • Global coverage, updated every 1-2 minutes!

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