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Improved anti-spam filtering

Advanced threat intelligence

Datafeeds and solutions from Spamhaus & SURBL


Protect your business and customers from malware, phishing, botnets.

Email Filtering

Upgrade your email security with the world's #1 anti-spam block list - from Spamhaus

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Cyber Threat Intelligence

The newest thread feeds released by Spamhaus provide advanced cyber threat intelligence with comprehensive IP and domain blacklists for a strong defense against botnets, malware, and phishing.

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SecurityZONES empowers your cybersecurity with IP block lists and real-time threat intelligence data feeds that immediately improve your detection and prevention of threats.

Stop Attacks with Real-Time Threat Intelligence

Spamhaus Zen
IP Block List

Combining all Spamhaus IP-based block lists, Zen secures your organization with the leading source of IP Reputation Data. It is the most widely used anti-spam block list in the world.

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Passive DNS

Technique to find badness across the internet to improve incident response and forensic investigations. Provides your business visibility and insight into malicious activity on your network.

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Spamhaus Domain
Block List

Equip your business with a comprehensive list of current and active bad domains that send spam and carry out malicious activity on the Internet (phishing, malware, botnets), then block them before they reach your business.

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Spamhaus Advanced
Threat Feeds

The most current, detailed and actionable intelligence on bot-nets, infected hosts and related metadata that improves your company’s defenses and helps eliminate malicious activity.

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Network Security

SURBL is a highly accurate
list of active bad domains
which provides your business
with the most up-to-date
data on online threats.

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Highly accurate
raw spam feeds
created for high volume

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