Internet Threat Data, Delivered as Real Time Datafeed

SecurityZONES is your first line of defense in Cyber Security. We provide the tools to secure your network, keep your users safe, and block spam..



As an Authorized Platinum Level Partner for Spamhaus and SURBL, SecurityZONES utilizes an IP Blocklist and provides real time datafeeds, enabling a strong expedited defense against cyber threats. With the #1 Rated AntiSpam data in the industry, keep spam off your network and reclaim your bandwidth. Using the IP Blacklist to filter compromised hosts, servers, and end users, known threats are denied access before they can wreak havoc.

The Domain Blocklist protects against Botnets, Phishing, and other Malware. This Domain Blacklist filters out domains with low reputations and software known to have malicious intent. Protect your customers and keep your infrastructure safe with SecurityZONES.

Email Anti-Spam Services

As a leading distributor and technical expert for Spamhaus and SURBL, SecurityZONES provides Email Filtering and Anti-Spam Services rated the #1 anti-spam, IP and Domain Blocklists in the world.


Cyber Threat Intelligence

Continuously updated and detailed, the newest thread feeds released by Spamhaus provide Advanced Cyber Threat Intelligence with comprehensive IP and Domain Blacklists for a strong defense against BotNets, Malware, and Phishing.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence + Solutions


The Best AntiSpam data in the industry!
IP & Domain datafeeds from
- Spamhaus and SURBL

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Cyber Threat Intel

Advanced Cyber Threat Intelligence:
Botnet CnC, Infected Hosts, Malware
Passive DNS
Meta Data, Global Coverage

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IP Reputation Datafeeds

#1 rated Antispam Block List!
Over 3.0 Billion users worldwide
- Botcc, Infected Hosts, Meta Data

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RPZ / DNS Firewall

Block access to Malicious sites ... at DNS level
RPZ datafeeds directly into your DNS resolver

- Critical Choke point

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URL Reputation Datafeeds

1,200,000 'Current, Active' bad domains
Accurate, 'near zero' false positives
- Malware, phishing, botcc, spam

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Raw Spamfeeds
High Volume, High Accuracy

- Increased visibility

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