Updated Spamhaus Malware Report – December 2023

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Spamhaus is a global leader in IP and domain reputation. Every month Spamhaus researchers analyze data from abuse.ch to release a monthly report on malware trends. 

Spamhaus has released their latest insights on Malware Trends from December. Highlights from this month’s report include:

Increase in Malware Sites Hosted in China

According to the URLHaus submissions, there was over 350% increase in malware sites hosted in China.  China hosted the most observed malware sites in December, followed by the United States and Russia.

The top networks hosting malware distribution sites last month were:  Chinanet-Backbone No.31, Jin-rong Street (AS4134) and China1690Back-Bone hosted 2,419 URLs and China Unicom China 169 Backbone (AS4837) hosted 554 urls. 

Sock5Systemz was the most observed Malware family in December 

Sock5Systemz’s first time being ranked in the top 10, topped the most observed malware families.  Over 43,000 samples were submitted for the family, up nearly 3,000% this month.

Read the full report for more insights on Malware trends.