SecurityZONES Provides:
highly accurate / actionable cyber threat data
– delivered as real-time datafeeds.


SecurityZONES are the source for real time datafeeds to improve your defenses against

- malware
- phishing
- botnet
- spam
- compromised hosts, servers, end users 

securityZONES are the Authorised Platinum Level Partner for Spamhaus and SURBL

Email / Anti-Spam Services

#1 rated anti-spam Blocklists and IP blocklists / Domain Blocklists

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Cyber Threat Intelligence

Advanced Threat Intel, BotNets, malware and phishing

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Cyber Threat Intelligence / Solutions

Email Filtering

The Best AntiSpam data in the industry!
IP & Domain datafeeds from
- Spamhaus and SURBL

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Cyber Threat Intel

Advanced Cyber Threat Intelligence:
Botnet CnC, Infected Hosts, Malware
Passive DNS
Meta Data, Global Coverage

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IP Reputation Datafeeds

#1 rated Antispam Block List!
Over 3.0 Billion users worldwide
- Botcc, Infected Hosts, Meta Data

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RPZ / DNS Firewall

Block access to Malicious sites ... at DNS level
RPZ datafeeds directly into your DNS resolver

- Critical Choke point

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URL Reputation Datafeeds

1,200,000 'Current, Active' bad domains
Accurate, 'near zero' false positives
- Malware, phishing, botcc, spam

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Raw Spamfeeds
High Volume, High Accuracy

- Increased visibility

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