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Block spam, phishing, botnets, and malware...

Improve your Security Solutions, AntiSpam Filters, and Threat Detection with Real Time Threat Intelligence

securityZONES provides data from the leading security research organizations worldwide. The real time threat intelligence provides advanced and unparalleled protection against internet threats.

Datafeed solutions from

  • Spamhaus
  • Team Cymru
  • ...the industry's leading independent security research organizations

Protection against:

  • Botnets, phishing, malware
  • Spam
  • Compromised hosts, servers, end users

Internet threat data, delivered as real time datafeeds, will greatly enhance your security solutions for your enterprise and your users, providing real time defense against the constantly evolving threat landscape.

Thousands of customers across the globe, including the world's most respected security vendors and service providers - rely on this threat intelligence.


IP Reputation

  • #1 rated Antispam Block List!
  • Over 1.4Billion users worldwide
  • Highest block rates
  • Lowest False Positives

URL Reputation

  • Dynamic list of malicious domains
  • 300-000, 500,000 Current, Active bad domains
  • Highly accurate, 'near zero' false positives

New Services from SecurityZones

  • BGP Firewall
  • DNS Firewall
  • Protect your users with security at BGP and DNS level

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