Beta 2.0 Now Available – Spamhaus Domain Reputation Data Via API

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Introducing the second beta release of Domain Reputation Data via the Spamhaus Intelligence API. Beta 2.0 is available (with no obligation) until May 11th.

Beta 2.0 – Spamhaus Domain Reputation Data via API

Beta 2.0 now exposes even more data points via API. New data feeds allow users to further customize their API calls for tailored, actionable insights.

  • 12 different API calls available – from domain listing information to reputation score dimensions
  • More data than ever before – Dataset includes every domain researched by Spamhaus and its related metadata
  • Easy-to-consume data for integration via API

DBL 2.0 Beta now provides the following actionable data:

High Level Domain Data

Reputation Dimensions: Insight into which category is affecting domains’ reputation. See breakdown of reputation score into the following reputation categories: SMTP, Identity, Infrastructure, Malware, Human Researcher Scoring.

Domain Contexts: Context into where the queried domain was seen. Ex: “dkim-header”.

Tags: Additional information including types of abuse, domains, how domain is abused. Examples of tags in Beta 2.0 include “phish”, “snowshoe”, “adware”.

Domain Listing Data: Information on if a domain is listed, and if so, which Spamhaus blocklist domain is included in. Also provides length of listing / scheduled expiration.

Domain Senders: Up to 50 IP address(es) that are sending emails per queried domain. Also may return the domain used in Helo string and the IP address’ reputation score.

Nameserver Reputation: Reputation of nameservers hosting queried domain

Clusters: Related domains based on authentication, registration and infrastructure information.

Hostnames Listed: Hostnames for a specific domain if they are currently or previously listed on Spamhaus domain blocklist.

Malware: Type, Hash, Botname and Timestamp of malware associated with queried domain.   

Visit to learn more and to register to Beta 2.0 access!