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Spamhaus Q1 2023 Botnet Report

The latest Botnet Report from Spamhaus Researchers has been released for Q1 2023. 

With over 23 years of experience, Spamhaus Technologies is a trusted authority on IP & domain reputation.  Their data is used to protect 3 Billion + users worldwide. 

Spamhaus researches Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and domains used to host botnet command & control (C&C) servers.  Botnet command & controllers are used to infect and control other machines to carry out spam or cybercrime attacks (e.g. ransomware or DDoS attacks).

Spamhaus researchers observed a 23% increase in the number of observed botnet command & control servers in Q1 of 2023.  Some highlights from the latest report include listed below. 

Q1 2023 Botnet Threat Update Highlights:

Malware associated with Botnet C&Cs activity increased once again.  Credential Stealing Malware observed increased significantly in the first quarter of 2023, growing to 22.4% of listings.

Cobalt Strike continued to be the most active malware family associated with botnet C&Cs. Cobalt Strike is a penetration testing tool. While the tool is a legitimate commercial solution, it is frequently exploited by cybercriminals to deploy malware.

RecordBreaker activity was reported to increase by 899% in the last quarter. It was third most observed malware family associated with Botnet C&Cs this quarter, surpassing RedLineStealer and FluBot. 

Source: Spamhaus Technologies Q1 2023 Botnet Update

Botnet C&C servers are located across the globe, with most activity being observed from North America, Europe and Asia. 

The United States of America, China and Russia continued to be the top 3 countries with the most botnet controller activity.  Botnet C&C activity from Russia increased a notable 62% since the end of 2022.

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