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SURBL has recently added new return codes to SURBL MULTI to identify click-tracking domains and disposable domains. About SURBL MULTI SURBL MULTI is a comprehensive feed of current, bad domains. This data feed provides users with a

Cybersecurity professionals often advise filtering of newly registered domains, but why?  Newly registered domains are rarely used for legitimate traffic within 24 hours of registration. Cybercriminals often cycle through new domains to evade filters. Traditional blocklist are

Spamhaus Q1 2023 Botnet ReportThe latest Botnet Report from Spamhaus Researchers has been released for Q1 2023. With over 23 years of experience, Spamhaus Technologies is a trusted authority on IP & domain reputation.  Their data is used

Introducing the second beta release of Domain Reputation Data via the Spamhaus Intelligence API. Beta 2.0 is available (with no obligation) until May 11th. Beta 2.0 - Spamhaus Domain Reputation Data via API Beta 2.0 now exposes

Latest Threat Intelligence Feed from SURBL: HASHBL Cybercriminals are constantly evolving their methods to evade filtering.  The HashBL from SURBL kicks in where traditional domain and IP blocklists stop. This latest blocklist helps identify threats beyond the

New "Error" Return Codes From Spamhaus Spamhaus implemented the following new error return codes for their public mirrors back in March 2021. These new codes are not related to the query’s reputation, but indicate an error.  Incorrect