Accurate Intel on 'new domains'  !


SURBL Fresh feed provides critical, accurate, information on the time new domains are placed into service. Security policy can be easily applied… (block, quarantine, walled garden, etc) to prevent resolution of malicious new domains, based on your defined policies.

  • Designed for Use in wide variety of security systems.. including email filtering, dns firewall, web filtering, SIEM platforms, etc
  • It’s highly unlikely that domains less then (one) (day) old, would be used in a viable company / application. contains information about the DNS insertion time of new domains for most of the TLDs on the Internet.  For each domain, has the UNIX epoch time that SURBL first saw the domain in the global TLD zone files. uses TLD zone files for its source material (not passive dns… age based on passive dns is largely incorrect, and incomplete)