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SecurityZONES is a Platinum-Level Authorized Reseller of Spamhaus:

  • World's #1 rated AntiSpam Blocklist
  • Protects 3.0 Billion Users Worldwide
  • 20 year history
  • Highest Block Rates
  • Lowest, Near Zero False Positives

Spamhaus is the most widely used, and most high regarded internet reputation data worldwide.

  1. Improve the Accuracy and Effectiveness of your Anti Spam system
  2. Eliminate False Positives
  3. Improve the Block Rates
  4. Improve your customer's protection against spam, phishing, and malware

Spamhaus' dependable, real-time threat intelligence data is used by majority of the world’s Internet networks including Email Providers, Security Vendors, Corporations, and Universities.

How Spamhaus Works

Spamhaus is an international spam monitoring and spam blocking service that blocks email messages from confirmed spam sources. Spamhaus maintains several lists of IP addresses of known or suspected spammers and domains used in spam messages:

  • SBL (Spamhaus Block List) contains IP addresses that are controlled by known spammers.
  • XBL (Exploits Block List) contains IP addresses of virus-compromised computers that are sending spam.
  • PBL (Policy Block List) contains IP addresses that should not be delivering unauthenticated SMTP email.
  • DBL (Domain Block List) contains list of domains used in spam which link to fraud, phishing and malware sites

As a subscriber to the Spamhaus Datafeed Service, you get a continuous feed from ALL Spamhaus lists. When an SMTP connection is made to one of your servers, the IP block lists are checked. If the sender is on the list, the SMTP connection is not accepted. This lets you block spammers from even entering your network. The DBL is then queried for domains which are included in the body of the email. This combination is highly effective, blocking as much as 98% of all spam – with no false positives!

Best Practices

Define the use of reputation services (aka blacklists) as a first stage, to improving the effectiveness and performance of your email infrastructure. By deploying a spamfilter – organizations prevent 85% of spam from entering the network, blocking 85% of this unwanted traffic at smtp connect time. This provides dramatic improvements by reducing traffic loads, reducing required server / infrastructure / administration costs, and improving the performance of your critical email system. Spamhaus is widely regarded as Best In Class, used by 1000’s of organizations worldwide.

Benefits of Spamhaus

Over 90% of all junk email is rejected before entering your network.

By refusing messages whose sender's IP address is on the block lists, your email system will not process these messages and therefore a) will not be liable for delivery or forwarding of spam, and b) not utilize your infrastructure and resources. Protects the reputation of your organization by reducing the risks of your servers being blacklisted or throttled because of spam forwarded through email accounts hosted by you. Dramatically improved delivery times. Lowest "false positive" rate. Successfully deployed by thousands of organizations worldwide. Lower your operating cost, improve performance of your mail system.


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