Important Update Regarding Spamhaus Public Mirror Users – New Return Codes


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Starting March 2021 Spamhaus is implementing the below return codes, with regards to anti-spam systems querying their network of public mirrors. We are pleased that you have chosen Spamhaus as one of your threat lists, and would like to ensure long-term access.   We find that many are unaware of the Spamhaus usage policy, which limits commercial use of our threat list. The Spamhaus Public mirrors are designed for low volume, and non-commercial use.  Unfortunately over time, many organizations are continuously exceeding the free usage limits and querying through many larger public resolvers.   Further details provided below, and please contact us if your should you receive any of these error codes.

Please note that none of these return codes relate to the reputation of the query – they are error codes. You need to check that no application uses these codes to reject email or for any other blocking or filtering of internet traffic.

If you are not parsing these codes correctly, all query responses may be treated either as “LISTED” or “NOT LISTED.” Both results are far from ideal, with a potentially disastrous outcome. To safeguard against this, check your Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) configuration now.

Additionally, while each of these error codes relates to a different issue, fundamentally, they have a similar outcome, i.e., you are not successfully querying the DNSBL. Therefore your email stream isn’t protected.

Please click here to access further details on NEW return codes

Spamhaus offers sponsored data-feed subscriptions for long-term commercial use.  There are several benefits, including access to our private servers via a dedicated key, and commercial data-sets.  The Spamhaus commercial threat feeds, are now updated in realtime for maximum effectiveness…you also get access to our Domain threat list (DBL), and new ZRD, and HASHBL.
– Spamhaus ZRD: is a data-set of domains that are 24 hours old or less.
– Spamhaus HASHBL: lists of cryptographic hashes associated with malicious content, as opposed to IP addresses or domains. They are extremely useful for filtering fraudulent emails coming from ISP, domains, or IP addresses that Spamhaus is unable to list e.g. Gmail. Additionally they can block emails containing malware files.

Please contact us for further details, or interested with a no-obligation 30-day commercial trial – Click Here